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Do you really understand the RJ45 connector? How much do you know about the RJ45 connector type?
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RJ45 connectors often appear in our lives. Have you noticed it carefully? The network cables, routers, and switches used by our computers for network connections are all connected to communicate through RJ45 connectors. So how many RJ45 interface types do you know? So how much do you know about the type of RJ45 interface, today I will introduce you to the knowledge of the type of RJ45 interface, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the RJ45 connector.

Most of the RJ connectors are RJ45 connectors, used for ethernet connection, 8P8C, can connect 4 pairs of twisted pairs, 12mm wide, wider than the RJ11 series. RJ45 connectors are sometimes used for telephone or RS232 connections, and others are used to transmit VGA video signals.

The universal telephone connector is a type of RJ11. At the beginning, it was the common name of a connector developed by a company in the United States. It was originally named WexW and has a 6-pin shape. WE6W uses all 6 contacts, while WE2W only uses the middle. Two pins later became one of the RJ series connectors.

RJ11, RJ14, and RJ25 are of the same series, with the same size, 9.5mm wide, but the number of contacts is different. RJ11 only has a pair of contacts in the middle, which can be connected to a pair of wires, expressed as 6P2C (six position, two conductor); RJ14 uses 4 contacts in the middle, and can connect 2 pairs of wires, expressed as 6P4C; RJ5 uses all 6 contacts , You can connect 3 pairs of lines, expressed as 6P6C.

Sometimes you can also use this connector to provide low-voltage and low-power power (AC or DC), commonly used PIN2 and PIN5 (black wire and yellow wire). RJ11 is generally used as the collective name for this 9.5mm series, and RJ11-6P2C, RJ11-6P4C and RJ11-6P6C are used to distinguish the number of contacts. A connector is also used in the phone to connect the phone and the handle, called 4P4C (some people call it RJ22, and form a series with RJ9 and RJ10), with 4 contacts, 7.5mm wide, smaller than RJ11 feet .

There is also an 8P8C connector called RJ61, which is used to connect twisted pair pairs. Because the two wires of the third and fourth twisted pairs in this line sequence are far apart, it will cause greater crosstalk, which is not suitable for the transmission of high-frequency signals such as Ethernet. There is also an RJ48 connector, also 8P8C, which can be used to connect 4 pairs of T1 data links, each pair of lines can transmit 23 time-division multiplexed voice channels.